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Get the most out of your app analytics.

Your customers live in apps, but few organizations have a full-fledged strategy surrounding mobile app analytics, and many who do still feel they cannot trust the data they are collecting. Beyond that, manually auditing app analytics implementations is costly, time-consuming, and prone to human error.

AppAssurance validates your mobile app's analytics solutions are integrated correctly and collecting accurate data to lead your app to mobile success.

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Test, monitor, and validate your mobile SDKs and analytics data.

AppAssurance automates your pre- and post-release QA process, testing your analytics and MarTech SDKs to verify they’re present and collecting accurate data.

It’s cloud-based, with no coding needed; you simply upload your app file as if to an app store and take control of your mobile data quality. AppAssurance scans your mobile app, analyzing third-party implementations for functionality errors, which maximizes the ROI on your mobile app investments and gives you better data for insights.

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Key Features

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App Journeys

Recreate user paths to verify functionality and analytics integration. Learn More.

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Custom Actions

Replicate link clicks, form fills, radio button selection, or checking a box. Learn More.

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Create custom requirements to test against live implementations. Learn More.

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Built-In App Emulation

Simulate your live app without any installation needed. Learn More.

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Keep track of your data quality and QA progress with clear visuals. Learn More.

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Continuous Integration

Integrate with your CI tool to move fast and with confidence. Learn More.

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Schedule audits to regularly QA predefined app segments and user paths. Learn More.



Alert your team to malfunctions in your data collection immediately. Learn More.

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